Whether you’re wanting to see cheerful colorful flowers and greenery when you look out the window or you think you need added security in front of your building, our precast concrete outdoor planters are the perfect solution. Designed specifically for MATERIALS, INC., our series of cast concrete planters come in different sizes, shapes, colors and designs and have a contemporary appeal.

Set in front of a building, these contemporary above ground planters provide an integrated design element in the overall architectural approach or act as security bollards around entrances or large glass windows. The planters can also be added to a site after the building is already constructed. These concrete landscape planters make beautiful additions to home and garden surroundings as well as eye-pleasing containers for plantings in commercial settings.

And a note for areas with water shortages: although outdoor watering may be limited during times of drought, plants in containers may be watered at any time.

Sierra Planters

Schematic Drawings