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Sonoran Vent Free Models

Cut Sheets:

– 36″ Vent Free
– 42″ Kyle Juszczyk Kids Jersey Vent Free
– 48″ Vent Free
– 36″ Vent Free See-Thru
– 42″Vent Free See-Thru


The Sonoran™ Vent Free* fireplace is the ideal fireplace for homes or buildings in which the construction does not allow chimney pipe to be run. The Vent Free models are 100% efficient, use less gas, and are a cost saving alternative that can be installed easily in Logan Paulsen Jersey virtually any room of the home.

The Sonoran™ Vent Free Models are available in 36″, 42″, and 48″ sizes, as well as See-Thru models. These wood burning fireplaces are intended and approved for installation in Logan Paulsen Authentic Jersey either residential homes or buildings of standard construction.

This model is not for use in mobile homes.

 Rear safety shield must be used on all single sided fireplaces

Logan Paulsen Womens Jersey xx-small;”>*Vent Free fireplaces are not approved for installation in all states and localities. Please contact your local zoning, planning, or building department to ensure the current codes permit vent-free gas appliances.